Suicide Song


Suicide smiles

Hide the pain behind the lies

Hide the pain as your heart dies

Hate your life and it’ll be alright

Scream for help as they turn their backs

And you will turn my back on life

And we will turn my back on life

And I will turn my back on life

Somehow I don’t think they would cry at my funeral


Suicide is the background music to my life

An ever constant ringing in my ears

My subconscious claws at my sanity

Conscious mind force feeds me reason

And I’m left wondering how to escape from this war I wage against myself


Mediocrity is a disease.

It makes you cough and then you wheeze

At 1st you burn and then freeze

I think I’ve found a final cure to make us right,

To makes us ‘cool’

It hurts at 1st and then-

Never Again


I’m trying to find my happy place- I think I lost it or maybe I never had it to begin with

Where did all the sunshine and rainbows go?

I’m looking for bunny rabbits, butterflies and cotton candy but instead there’s:

me all alone in the dark.

With that feeling that makes me wanna right a letter

and do that thing that’ll make it all better



He Is No More

Martin was a cutter.

That was his label-true or not he had to live with it.

In their awkward stares, in their avoidance and in the teachers pitying smiles. So did it matter if it was true or not?

Did it matter that he was a person and not just a name.

Martin was a Loner

Another title.

He didn’t want any friends, they say, so you should stay away before he snaps and kills us all.

Too bad a friend would have made a world of a difference in the daily suffering that was his life.

Martin was suicidal.

They would never guess that they drove him to it.

Ostracised, left out and labelled- never accepted for just being him.

Trying to cope everyday. Parents  that aren’t coming back, strangers that are doing their best to be parents.

Too much to deal with

No way to cope

And in the end

Martin IS no more