Misery (Make a Move)

If misery loves company, then why am I always alone?

Waiting for you by my phone.

Keep me at hands length so that I can’t move on.

Stuck here- stuck to you- like quicksand.

Let me go

Because I can’t let you go

But I know your ego won’t let you

You’d rather we both drown; sink beneath the surface

Than face this world alone.

Enough I cry!

I won’t die for you

I never said would

I know Ive lied for you

Again and again

Until I have nothing left of me.

And that’s why I say no more

All I want is to be alone

To dig your claws out of my abused flesh.

Try to salvage the remains

To heal

And then revenge…


Youth of Today

I am aimless

I am nameless

A book with no direction a path with no end

Endlessly lost in ‘all i ever wanted’


Give me…

Tell me…

Throw me a line!

I thought I could swim but I”m starting to sink


A little boat lost at sea and

my light house is awfully dim


I am full of youthful weariness

I am youthfully weary

My whole life is dreary

but still ahead of me

spread out never ending



Behind The Curtains

She lives behind a shroud of mystery and the dark unknown

Alice in her own obscure Wonderland

We are a turbulent world to confuse and perturb

So she hides behind the curtains

All around her we stir, creatures of the abyss

Our subcultures and intricacies –

Our customs baffle and amuse her

So she laughs behind the curtains

The Curtains silken and dark are home and protector

Down her thin frame the thick mane extends- an impenetrable fortress

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair

So that I may glimpse your face so fair…

At her desk she sits, sketching away

Or nose buried behind a book

Hidden away in plain sight

No one can see you behind the curtains

Cold, cruel and calculating we all can be

They are the youth of today

And she is their prey

The blood sucking leeches

They feed on tears and fear

On the misery of others

They will never know

Late at night when all is dark and still

She cries behind the curtains

He Is No More

Martin was a cutter.

That was his label-true or not he had to live with it.

In their awkward stares, in their avoidance and in the teachers pitying smiles. So did it matter if it was true or not?

Did it matter that he was a person and not just a name.

Martin was a Loner

Another title.

He didn’t want any friends, they say, so you should stay away before he snaps and kills us all.

Too bad a friend would have made a world of a difference in the daily suffering that was his life.

Martin was suicidal.

They would never guess that they drove him to it.

Ostracised, left out and labelled- never accepted for just being him.

Trying to cope everyday. Parents  that aren’t coming back, strangers that are doing their best to be parents.

Too much to deal with

No way to cope

And in the end

Martin IS no more

Drowning in the Chorus

Sometimes I let myself go

I feel everything fall away

And numbness spread all the way down to my core

All that’s left is the music

Torturous and unrelenting

Reminding me that behind the icy cool numbness there’s: rage, pain, sorrow.

Everything I can’t bear bottled up and thrown in my face

And behind it all is you.

It was always you and always will be.

That taunting laughter, that thin smile anything but warm…

Close my eyes and I can see your condescending glare

Shake my head and nothings there.

I’m on my own.

So I turn up the music

Drown in the chorus

Until it crushes my soul

Until my heart bursts