Lovers In The Ground

Six feet under and his heart still beats for her

A pale perfect bride

In a box and she still sighs at the thought of him

Strikingly thin and handsome in his dark suit


The mortician was her confidant,

He fixed her bouquet in her icy hands

Made her feel perfect for her groom,

Their family and friends wept in unison at their eternal union

Love last only as long as death

Forever is only as long as death.


Misery (Make a Move)

If misery loves company, then why am I always alone?

Waiting for you by my phone.

Keep me at hands length so that I can’t move on.

Stuck here- stuck to you- like quicksand.

Let me go

Because I can’t let you go

But I know your ego won’t let you

You’d rather we both drown; sink beneath the surface

Than face this world alone.

Enough I cry!

I won’t die for you

I never said would

I know Ive lied for you

Again and again

Until I have nothing left of me.

And that’s why I say no more

All I want is to be alone

To dig your claws out of my abused flesh.

Try to salvage the remains

To heal

And then revenge…

Blood Lover


This the 1st poem I posted on this Blog, for some reason I felt like posting it again. I dont think it got much attention back then

Blood Lover

 Bleed for me, my lover

Let me bathe in that delicious warmth

I claw at my thin dark veins

To bring forth crimson velvet

You want to tear, to feed, to let the inner beast take control

(and) I say be free

With me you’ll never have to fear

Feed that insatiable dark desire

Let the beast gorge, consume

Totally devour  me.

Universal Cure

I try, I swear I do

But it never seemed to go the way we wanted

I didn’t mean it, I swear it’s true

I only tried my best to hurt you.

We’re playing tug of war with feeling

And throwing bombs with words

We had it good they told us

We never saw the signs


You tried your best to hurt me

I swear my love it worked

We tried our best to end it all

To find a universal cure

The Truth is Empty

I feel so empty

hollowness in my chest

what could fill this void inside me other than

A knife straight to my heart

because EVERYONE loves to say I’m heartless

because YOU loves to say I’m cold (hearted)

because THEY love to say I’m flawed

Too loud-mouthed, too opinionated, too smart

To the say the lies in the script of life

Well the truth is that I cant change

Even for you

The one that helped me through

My foundation stone that’s crumbled

Letting all the weight fall down on me

Suffocating and killing me slowly

When all I wanted was the swift death of

A blade straight through the void called my heart

Is It Logical (via Mr. Watson)

An awesome poem by a great poet: Mr Watson…

Is It Logical Is it logical for me to love u? If it's impossible for us to be together Is it safe for me to love u? When my heart doesn't want to be away from u… My heart is starting to depend on u… U r going to be the end of me! Ur taking every ounce of my love… Listen to the slow paced beats… Its as if my heart is speaking… "Ravish me… Take me … Break me… Rebuild me … Reconstruct me to ur liking Just so u don't get tired of me … Read More

via Mr. Watson


Bleeding to survive

Screaming to keep from falling apart

Dripping Crimson love

All for him- all of me

So I won’t scream;

I’ll just bleed

Bleeding to survive (bleed to keep him alive)


My pain is silent

But love is loud

As my heartbeat echoing in my ears when I’m with him


He is my one and only lover

And pain is my only friend

We’ll all hold hands and spiral down

To a place where we can’t be saved

Sinner and Saint

If only we knew ‘who is who’