Lovers In The Ground

Six feet under and his heart still beats for her

A pale perfect bride

In a box and she still sighs at the thought of him

Strikingly thin and handsome in his dark suit


The mortician was her confidant,

He fixed her bouquet in her icy hands

Made her feel perfect for her groom,

Their family and friends wept in unison at their eternal union

Love last only as long as death

Forever is only as long as death.


The Truth is Empty

I feel so empty

hollowness in my chest

what could fill this void inside me other than

A knife straight to my heart

because EVERYONE loves to say I’m heartless

because YOU loves to say I’m cold (hearted)

because THEY love to say I’m flawed

Too loud-mouthed, too opinionated, too smart

To the say the lies in the script of life

Well the truth is that I cant change

Even for you

The one that helped me through

My foundation stone that’s crumbled

Letting all the weight fall down on me

Suffocating and killing me slowly

When all I wanted was the swift death of

A blade straight through the void called my heart