Behind The Curtains

She lives behind a shroud of mystery and the dark unknown

Alice in her own obscure Wonderland

We are a turbulent world to confuse and perturb

So she hides behind the curtains

All around her we stir, creatures of the abyss

Our subcultures and intricacies –

Our customs baffle and amuse her

So she laughs behind the curtains

The Curtains silken and dark are home and protector

Down her thin frame the thick mane extends- an impenetrable fortress

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair

So that I may glimpse your face so fair…

At her desk she sits, sketching away

Or nose buried behind a book

Hidden away in plain sight

No one can see you behind the curtains

Cold, cruel and calculating we all can be

They are the youth of today

And she is their prey

The blood sucking leeches

They feed on tears and fear

On the misery of others

They will never know

Late at night when all is dark and still

She cries behind the curtains


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