Drowning in the Chorus

Sometimes I let myself go

I feel everything fall away

And numbness spread all the way down to my core

All that’s left is the music

Torturous and unrelenting

Reminding me that behind the icy cool numbness there’s: rage, pain, sorrow.

Everything I can’t bear bottled up and thrown in my face

And behind it all is you.

It was always you and always will be.

That taunting laughter, that thin smile anything but warm…

Close my eyes and I can see your condescending glare

Shake my head and nothings there.

I’m on my own.

So I turn up the music

Drown in the chorus

Until it crushes my soul

Until my heart bursts


2 thoughts on “Drowning in the Chorus

  1. Ankoku Hikaru says:

    Ah yes… THAT feeling, wretched isn’t it? Although some enjoyment may be found in it, for me anyways(One who adores sadness, so don’t listen to that). I believe almost everyone can relate to this one, well done. ^^

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