The One You Can’t Control

Why does it feel like I’ve lost everything?

When I’m only trying to find out what’s real

Tell me the truth

Tell me anything

Show me the real world

Show me what’s only seen in dreams

This everyday routine is driving me insane

The yesterdays are making it rain (on me)

Hearing the clock count down

I’ve been living in a dream where everything is never as bad as it seems

Breathe in, breathe out

What I say won’t make it right

What you say won’t change me any way

Giving hope to the hopeless

Giving life to the dying day

Where is the impossible?

It is in trying to save me from myself.

(the title of the poem comes from this song)


7 thoughts on “The One You Can’t Control

  1. Mr. Watson says:

    Great write ! Love it !

    HUGE fan of Evanescence !!!!! Loving the new song! Thanks for sharing !!!! 😀

  2. J.R. Morin ( says:

    Hmm, dark poem, but not quite obnoxiously cynical. Bravo Slient Antagonist.

  3. Wow, really deep. Love your writting Silent_Antagonist 🙂 Oh and I’m a fan of Evanescence as well Amy Lee is actually one of my biggest insperations, but yeah keep it up ^_^

  4. filipinoy says:

    This is hardcore. I like it.

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