Nostalgic for the unknown
For the future
What I will want
And what will be mine

Nostalgia- strange sensation
As vague as mist through my grasping searching fingertips

Gasping for hope
Hoping for just a breath,
To soothe my scared soul
Needing to breathe, to hope
A need to need
To believe that I will stay me
As it all blurs to nothing
When everything turns to unknown

And I find that I have no home
No place to call my own
Where I can rest my weary heart

Lungs, heart all accounted for
The pieces are there
But still there is an emptiness
That place where shadows go to hide
Right behind my heart

A heart that’s broken
A heart that’s battered, bruised
Torn open for beasts to feed upon
A heart that’s full to bursting
A heart that’s empty-hollow

Too bad the heart is two sizes too small and old before its time

A heart that’s pleasure, a heart that’s pain
Rip it out
But its better just to keep it
All the same.


2 thoughts on “Ambivalent

  1. gidget0728 says:

    Your poetry is great.

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