I’m a little Morbid…

I’ve been deliberating and procrastinating about what to write on my first post…

I guess 1st of all to  thank my friend Luis and his blog for inspiring me to start my own…

Id also like to thank Micky my best fwend and long distance ‘relationship’ for not letting me become too sane and for providing  some relief from the boredom of my life.

so let me start, here is an original  poem Ive been working on. Enjoy


Blood Lover


Bleed for me, my lover

Let me bathe in that delicious warmth

I claw at my thin dark veins

To bring forth crimson velvet

You want to tear, to feed, to let the inner beast take control

(and) I say be free

With me you’ll never have to fear

Feed that insatiable dark desire

Let the beast gorge, consume

Totally devour  me.


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